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Voodoo Creation ClubNEWS |
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Amidu Abdul Rahim yakubu omaru sanda is my full name. Popularly known as Djbat swaga Africa.
Born in tatale northern region on 17 March 1986.
Went ejuraman senior high school in 2016 and completed 2018 .
I was the entertainment perfect then back at shs.
I love entertainment a lot so went into media school in 2010.I went to Tatco in 2012 however didn’t complete. After returning from army training which unfortunately didn’t go well.
So I concentrated on the media since I have passion for entertainment from birth.
I started radio actively in 2012 at zaa radio as the drive time host till now.
Almost 8 years experience in radio broadcasting.
I read news ,announcement, and djing.

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